Cake with honey

Sand base
125 gr. butter 82%
25 gr. honey
43 gr. sugar powder
1 gr. salt
30 gr. egg
38 gr. almond flour
212 gr. premium wheat flour

Using a spatula (nozzle), mix the oil (at room temperature) with honey and sugar, powder

Add the egg, salt, mix well and add 1/3 of the flour, mix again

Add the remaining flour and all the almond flour, quickly eat it, put the dough between two sheets of parchment and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes, this makes it easier to work with.

Then roll out into a layer (3 mm), freeze again and then cut out strips 21 cm long from them to form the sides of the Egg Tart, then cut out the bottom.

Place the formed tartlets in the freezer for 15 minutes, then bake at 160 for 15 minutes, remove the mold, grease the outer sides with egg yolk and milk, pour fried almond petals inside the tartlet (I have caramel left, I deposited that too, if you need a recipe, put + in the comments) pour in almond cream 18 g) and bake for another 160 C for 15 minutes, cool

Almond cream
40 gr. soft butter 82%
20 gr. sah. Powder
40 gr. egg
27 gr. crumbs from leftover honey cake (see below)
30 gr. almond flour
0.5 gr. salt

Mix everything and pour into pre-baked tartlets.

Honey cake

43 gr. drain Oil
38 gr. liquid honey
1/3 tsp soda
65 gr. egg
87 gr. sugar
200 gr. Flour

Heat honey, sugar and butter until sugar dissolves and add soda, stir over low heat until caramel color, pour into a container, cool to 60 C and add egg, mix well and add flour

Roll out a layer of dough 3 mm thick and cut out circles 6 cm in diameter, 18 pieces in total

Bake at 190C for 5 minutes convection, ready to trim to the desired diameter

Grind the remaining dough and use it in almond cream

Soak the honey cake slices well with hot syrup from honey (50 g) and water (75 g), transfer to a silicone mat and freeze

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