Mochi Mango

Mango filling

80 gr. mango puree
20 gr. passion fruit puree
35 gr. mango pieces
35 gr. sugar
2 gr. pectin nh
Dissolve a pinch of citric acid in half a teaspoon of water

Mix all ingredients (cold) except citric acid, put on fire, stirring, bring to a boil and boil to 71C (about 40 seconds). Add Lim. Acid and put the filling into hemispheres with a diameter of 3-4 cm, if 4 cm do not fill to the brim. To freeze

Passion fruit puree caviar

40 gr. marcouille puree
25 gr. water
20 gr. Sugar
1 gr. agar
A glass of very cooled (for an hour in cold weather) vegetable oil

Mix all the ingredients, the water should be cold and put everything on the fire. Boil for 15 seconds. Cool slightly and use a syringe or pipette to drop it into cold vegetable oil.

Drain the oil and rinse the eggs with boiled water

Cream cheese cream

140 gr. heat mascarpone to 30C
90 gr. cream 33%
25 gr. glucose syrup
30 gr. milk
4 gr. gelatin + 24 gr. soak water
50 gr. white chocolate (melt)
1 tsp vanilla paste

Heat milk with glucose to 70 C and dissolve gelatin in it.
Pour over melted white chocolate with vanilla paste, punch through with a blender and pour ganache onto cheese heated to 30 C, mix well.

At 28C, mix with half-whipped cream and add 50 g. marcouilla caviar, stir gently with a spatula

Pour the cream into hemispheres 6 cm in diameter, pour in the mango filling and cover with cream on top, freeze

Only when the filling is completely frozen do we prepare the dough.

100 gr. glutinous rice flour from AROY-D (ordered from Wildberry)
200 gr. colored boiled water or milk
60 gr. sah. powders

Mix the cold ingredients with a whisk, cover with cling film, make a hole in it and put in the microwave for 3-4 minutes; when the dough is ready, it comes away from the container well. The dough needs to be cooled, you need to work with warm NOT hot. It will be hot and stick to your hands. Grease your hands and table with vegetable oil, divide the dough into 8 parts, make small circles, put frozen filling in them and seal well. Sprinkle with a little starch

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