Mochi “Watermelon”


100 gr. glutinous rice flour AROY-D
70 gr. sah. Powder
20 gr. watermelon powder
110 gr. watermelon juice
90 gr. milk

Grind the freeze-dried watermelon in a coffee grinder to powder, mix with milk, watermelon juice and dye, puree with a blender, strain.

Pour onto the powdered sugar mixed with rice flour, mix well with a whisk, cover with cling film, make holes in the film with a knife and microwave for 4-5 minutes, cool slightly, place on the table sprinkled with corn starch, knead the dough

Wrap it in cling film before use

Watermelon-melon compote

70 gr. melon puree (torpedo)
40gr. Melon pieces
30 gr. watermelon juice
35 gr. sugar
3 gr. pectin nh
2 gr. gelatin (220) +12 gr. water

Dissolve gelatin in water.
Mix pectin with sugar and add melon puree with pieces and watermelon juice, stir and put on fire, bring to a boil, boil for 10 seconds, pour in 1 g. Lim acid dissolved in water, turn off, add gelatin, mix and distribute into a hemisphere shape 4 cm in diameter, freeze

Creamy melon cream

90gr. Cream cheese
10 gr. sugar
15 gr. glucose syrup
20 gr. freeze-dried melon powder
10 gr. freeze-dried melon pieces
90 gr. cream 33%
5 gr. gelatin + 30 g water
30 gr. melon puree
20 gr. invert sugar or honey

Mix curd cheese with liquid honey, sugar, melon puree, glucose, blend with a blender a little until smooth, add sublimate, mix and pour in melted gelatin
Separately whip the cream and combine with the cheese mixture.

Pipe into hemispheres 5 cm, halfway, drown in compote and top with mousse to the brim, freeze

You need to work in a cold room, take out the filling one at a time and wrap it in the dough so that condensation does not have time to form.

Can be frozen❗️

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